Friday, December 30, 2011


We met with our Ryan homes representative for the first time after signing our property papers to finalize some of the choices we had already made and to pick a color for the siding (i.e. the exterior of our house)....sounds like a fairly easy task right??....WRONG!!!

Every time you think about the money your putting in to build your dream home and realize you will have to live with the choices you make for several years to come, even simple decisions start looking daunting.

Ryan homes has a policy which does not allow you to select colors which are used upto two houses next to your own. Based on this, our Ryan home rep gave us a few options and we immediately gravitated towards two colors 1. Autumn Beige 2. Sandy Tan. As it was nearing their office closing time, we were a little rushed and ended up finalizing Autumn Beige as the color we wanted to go with.

On returning home, I started scouting blogs of other Ryan home owners to look at the popular siding selections and was shocked to find that autumn beige looked almost pink!!! (check this blog to see what I mean:

Worried about our selection, the next day we drove to a Ryan home township about 40-50 mins away from where we live. This township not only has the Florence model home but also several different Florence home constructions.  This time, looking at the swatch in natural light, the autumn beige did seem to have a pinkish tinge, while sandy tan had a touch of green.

Driving down through the community we fit into the role of stalkers almost perfectly. After our second drive thru the neighborhood we started getting dirty looks from the residents and had no options but to leave....however not without pictures of "Florence" style homes in both Autumn Beige and Sandy Tan.

                                                            Autumn Beige Siding
                                                                Sandy Tan Siding

We still haven't decided on the color we want on the siding, but we did call our Ryan home representative and let her know that we had changed our minds about Autumn Beige. I don't want a house which will have a remote chance of looking pink! In case you people have some suggestions or comments for us that might help us select a siding color, please let me know as we need to pick one soon!!

One mistake we made when selecting the siding color initially....we looked at the color choices in artificial light. The small swatches look very different in natural light Vs. indoor artificial light. Also, we let ourselves be rushed into making a choice without having given it too much thought and ended up regretting it pretty quickly( I don't want to imagine how much more I would regret it if I had waited until after the house was painted!!..YIKES).

I have realized in the few weeks that we have dealt with Ryan homes, they don't give the buyers too much time to make decisions, in the bargain, sometimes you end up making choices which you like, but don't necessarily love! However, this is "YOUR HOME".... if your going to build it from ground up, put in all that time, money and effort you should "LOVE EVERYTHING" about it not just LIKE somethings...This is my new only if it worked!!! LOL!


  1. We went through the EXACT same thing! We initially selected Autumn Beige with black shutters and almond trim and I was so happy with the selection UNTIL I, too, came across that blog with the pink-looking house. I drove up to our new community several times to inspect a Venice that was being constructed that had Autumn Beige siding and I didn't think it looked pink at all. I drove my hubby up the following weekend and asked him what he thought, and lo and behold, he said, "it looks a little pink." Needless to say, we switched immediately. We ended up going with a totally different look and selected Stone Mountain Clay. It's a bit darker, but we were able to see it on a house already constructed and really liked it. I think that's the trick. You need to be able to see your selection "in vivo" because those tiny little samples really don't give you a clue as to how the siding will look on an entire house. Good luck with your final selections!

  2. Thanks Christina! Unfortunately we cant pick any shade of gray because our neighbor's house is in gray so we stuck with shades of brown or white. Hopefully we will like some shade.

  3. Have you seen the Sandy Tan with Blackwatch Green or Red shutters? Both of those look really pretty.

  4. We also initially selected Autumn Beige even after viewing the Dillon's home. I thought, "How pink could it really look?" My DH even went and took pictures of two houses in our new neighborhood with Autumn Beige and they didn't look pink at all. Then, we went on another day when it was cloudy and they looked quite pink. We have since changed our color to Stone Mountain Clay also.

    Have you checked out Gina K's blog: She has Sandy Tan siding, which is what we were sure we were going to go with. Her house looks beautiful!

    Or, check out Casey's blog: She went with Stone Mountain Clay. I highly suggest taking the samples out in natural light. Good luck with your decision!

    1. Thanks for your input Rachel! We are leaning towards Sandy tan.. though we don't really love it. I will blog our final choice once we figure it out! In the meantime..congratulations to you on your new home!

  5. This is a huge help as we're trying to decide our siding color right now! Thanks!

  6. We also just purchased a Ryan home and are trying to decide what color siding and shutters to go with. We knew we wanted the partial stone right off the bat. Our next door neighbors have sandy tan siding, green shutters and partial stone. We LOVE the color combination but of course can't do that because we can't have the same thing as our neighbors. We chose stone mountain clay siding and black watch green shutters (with partial stone) but I think we might change it. Does anyone have a photo of a home with partial stone, stone mountain clay siding and blackwatch green shutters? Or something similar? This is such a big decision, I just want to make sure we make the right choice. Thanks!!!

  7. Just by looking at those choices above, I knew that autumn beige sidings would look really great! Look at that Ryan Home! It looks so beautiful! It looks so alive!

    Rolf Matchen

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