Saturday, May 26, 2012

Two Months Flew over the Florentine Nest....

In the last 2 months while our lives got hectic....our home steadily edged towards completion. The begin of this time period started with our Pre-dry wall meeting. This meeting was pretty straight forward. We met with our Project Manager who went over the location of the different items we were installing in the house. We had our realtor with us during this meeting, which turned out to be a boon!

Over the course of building our house, our Realtor has become our mentor, someone to turn  to when in doubt. Having been in the business for a very long time, she knew the right questions to ask, and the loop holes to look for. Through this process I have come to the realization that having a person who is knowledgeable by your side, is a definite plus!! It not only reassures you that someone has your back, but it also (on some occasions) protects you from being taken for a ride.

One of the major curve-balls we successfully dodged during the pre-dry wall meeting was... "The Siding Color"! Those who have read my previous post on sidings, might remember that we had initially selected Autumn Beige as our siding color, however, having read several blogs, I started having doubts with regards to the color being "too pink". Despite my doubts, my husband and our sales rep managed to convince me that the color was not really pink, so we decided to stick with it.....until, during one particular drive-thru to see our house, I came across a home being built in our community with an autumn beige siding....and guess the color it appeared to look like....PINK!!! Over the next one week I frantically exchanged emails with our sales rep explaining to her that there was no way I could live with that color...I even had her accompany me look at this other house to verify if it really looked still did..atleast to me!!

                                                            Autumn Beige Siding

 Finally our sales rep came through for me! Having pulled several strings, which included getting in touch with her manager,  during the pre-dry wall meeting she gave me the good news that our house would no longer be would be SANDY TAN!!!

In the next several weeks we also met with Guardian and finalized the location of the wiring and the surround sound system etc. After that, time flew by and what was once a wooden frame shaped into our beautiful home!!!

                                                                  Kitchen: Before 

                                                                   Kitchen: After

We wanted to have a potfiller over our range, but Ryan Homes does not have it as one of their  up-grades, so we  asked to have a water line installed over the range with the intention of putting in a pot filler later. However, our PM surprised us by asking us to bring in a potfiller and having it installed for us!

                                                                        Pot Filler 

                                                          Morning Room: Before                               
                                                                   Finished Product

                                                                Master Bath: Before



                                                                  Basement: Then  


                                                                   Before: Wooden frame

                                                                  After: OUR HOME


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  1. What a GREAT idea for the pot filler! I have always wanted one and putting in the line was a great idea. And how nice of your PM to hook it up for you. Wish I had read this before we signed our final change request. :) And your house looks beautiful, btw.